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About Us

The International Union of Interventional Radiologists (IUOIR) is a non-profit association of interventional radiologists all over the world, of which the idea flashed in minds of a group of North American and European interventional radiologists attending the congress of RSNA 2008. The scientific discussions at different occasions during this conference highlighted the tremendous need for a worldwide organization with the mission of transferring of expertise and sharing of best practice of this precious sub-specialty.

Through IUOIR, expert interventional radiologists will move all over the world, performing different maneuvers (vertebroplasty, gastrostomy, embolisation….etc) in any countries and will participate in training local radiologists as well.

It’s time for interventional radiologists to join the train of “Médecins sans Frontières”, to help people in their own countries and even beyond their own countries’ borders.

The IUOIR offers:

1- Training of Radiologists in situ and follow up the training to build  independent IR unit.

2- One to two months observership in Europe and USA.

3-Treatment of patients in your country as well as receiving of patients in IUOIR’ Centers in Europe.

4- May offer one year fellowship.